Contests that are on!

Hello everyone!

I have a small Contest!
Its a Make-up contest! Its pretty simple :)
All you have to do is use the make-up in your beauty parlor or starplaza and do you dolls make-up in the theme Pretty & Pink! The prize will be Sd! Good luck! You have until Wednesday! :)
PS: Please save the picture of Your medoll in a tinypic and paste the link in the comment section! Or tell me to look at your doll :) :)

t is time to do a new a Contest !
Get ready ,Get Set and Go For it !
3-4 rounds so get started =))))
Heres what you do ...... Round 1
1.Choose an Actress from the Dolls and Games area
2.Dress her to go to a friends party .
3.Save her in your album
4. You must name it " CC Round 1"
5. Come back to this topic and sign ur username
Thats all you have to do!
Good luck
Remember Be Unique , Have Fun !Follow the Rules !
Thank you !


Good luck !
This round is fast because there will be 3-4 rounds and many eliminations !
So please start now
Round 1 ends 4 / 20/2011