Lottery dresses!

This white wedding lotto belongs to my mum!    
I really like the wedding lottos lol :)                  
What do you think about the lottos?
Leave your comments in the comments area :)

This pink wedding gown lotto belongs to me :D
It is my dream dress LOL :D

The midnight blue lotto!
This lotto in this picture also belongs to my mum! LOL

This is the green lotto! I am not going to say who this belongs to LOL!
In my opinion this is the ugliest lotto LOL :D And its also the most common lotto! What do you think?

This is the lily cole lotto!
I also don't particularly like this!
But it is pretty rare :D

This one is the Miley lotto :D

This lotto is the black Britney gown!

This one is white pale blue wedding gown!

This one is Lusiana Lotto!

This one Is an AWESOME LOTTO!
I think its the most creative lotto!
This one is called Kylie lotto!

This one is Lily Cole Gown!

This lotto is Grey Britney Gown!
I really like this :D

This bright red wonderful Lotto is the....
Christina Milan Gown! Its very pretty :)

This lotto Is the Beige lotto!

This dress is the Pale blue gown!

This Lotto Is Jenifer Lopez lotto!

This lotto Is Lindsay Lohan lotto!
I really like this one too :)

I am not really sure what this one is called so lets just call it the Black and white lotto! :D

This is the gold and black lotto :O lol :)

This lotto Is Bai Ling! I love it :D

This is the letter stardoll sent in 2008 when the stardoll lottery began!