Sunday, July 18, 2010

Club Choosecovergirl

This is the official blog for Club Choosecovergirl

If you are a member of Choosecovergirl
Please Follow this blog
it will be very important in the future to be a follower

I will be having some contest from this blog that will determine
winners for the club !
i feel that it will be easier to make suggestions , Contest and Posts
for the club on this blog .

So please follow !


  1. Nice blog Jen, what a good idea to make a blog :].
    I will advertise it on my blog if you want and i'll advertise your club :D

  2. Thank you !
    and Sure it will help!
    thanks so much !

  3. OMGOSH I always wanted you to make a blog, and now its here!! :DD Great Idea, can't wait to see how successful this blog is going to be! I'll love to make a post for the blog I write for. XX

  4. Hiya , i cant work out how to make ur blog so amazing lol xx XX